Speaker Room Protocol

  1. The judging starts when you enter the room – smile!
  2. Wait for judges to be ready
  3. Introduce yourself [Limited Prep: do this before you start prepping!]- My name is:
    1. DON’T say: I’m your 3rd speaker
  4. Head drops – yes for interps ; no for platforms
  5. Make sure you can see the TIMEPIECE or identify TIMER and confirm hand signals will be given. (all events)
  6. Shake hands and Thank you
  7. Never comment on your performance after your speech immediately outside your room.

Legacy Tournament Etiquette


  1. Tournament Attire – always while on campus. Awards Ceremony too. Includes shoes!
  2. Attend the Awards Ceremony – even if you don’t break! (NO gum chewing on stage!)
  3. Never enter or exit a competition room while someone is speaking.
  4. Never enter areas that are not being used for the tournament.
  5. Never keep judges waiting:
    1. Check posting immediately.
    2. Go directly to your room, even if you’re not first on list.
    3. Be willing to go out of order.
  6. When you are done with your events, watch others.
  7. As a spectator, do not whisper in speech or debate rooms while speakers are speaking!
  8. Girls: no wisps of hair in your face.


  1. Do not withdraw from a tournament after registration closes unless it’s an emergency.
  2. Take ballots! Judge every available round, not just the minimum required.
  3. Consider attending a debate orientation and judge debate
  4. Tournaments fill quickly. Register the MINUTE a tournament opens.
  5. Attending the After Party is HIGHLY encouraged! It’s a fun way to connect after working hard at the tournament.
  6. Please videotape Legacy speeches if you are in the room! (unless you are a judge); parents should make every effort to arrange to have their child(ren)’s speeches videotaped.

Judging Guidelines

  • ATTEND Speech Orientation – at your first tournament
  • NEVER take a ballot that has your child in the room.
  • NEVER judge a speech you have personally coached.
    • Large tournaments will never have you judge Legacy students.
    • Small tournaments might need you to judge Legacy students.
  • Do not judge the same event more than once per tournament, unless given permission.
  • A parent should not judge a semi-final room in a particular event (e.g., Apologetics) if his/her child is still competing in that event.

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