We have high standards for respectful and honorable behavior. May our thoughts and actions reflect our love for God and one another.

Here are some guidelines for respectful and honorable behavior at Legacy functions:

  • Keep a positive attitude and encourage one another. Remember that you are an ambassador for Christ and our speech club and, as such, your actions and words provide either a good or bad example.
  • Show respect for everyone you come in contact with, by your actions and your words. This means that making fun of others, and cutting each other down is not acceptable.
  • Respect the facilities, whether at regular club meetings, at tournaments, or at other activities. (For example, do not throw or kick balls at the doors or walls.  No standing, walking, or running on furniture or chairs.  Clean up after yourself.  Don’t wander where you’re not supposed to.  Don’t climb trees or damage plants.)  Instead, be helpful in preparing and protecting our facilities.  Please help with set-up and clean-up.
  • No obscene language.  No drugs, alcohol, or tobacco use.  No weapons.
  • Public displays of romantic affection are inappropriate at speech club functions. They detract from our purpose as we meet together.
  • Your time at club meetings should be focused on improving your speeches and encouraging other students.  Cell phones are not to be used during club meetings except when absolutely necessary for communication.  Laptops may be used only for purposes directly related to speech activities, including taking notes or preparation for Extemp speeches.
  • Hold yourself to a high standard online.  Do not take part in online interactions that contain blasphemous, obscene, or pornographic material

Our concern is the spiritual growth and obedience of the students God has placed in the club. We hope that each student will strive to do all things to the glory of God.


These guidelines are also on this Google Doc.

We are equipping our youth for things that matter.

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