Testimonies from alumni families


Renee Novo:

Debate was great for Shelly to learn research skills but Legacy exceeded that by producing a well rounded, confident speaker. The group has a sweet spirit of kindness and encouragement. It is in the top five most beneficial things we did while homeschooling.


Dana Stevens:

As parents, we hope to see our children excel and thrive in their adulthood. Legacy and Stoa nurture that by giving students a safe place to try new skills, teaching them to be gracious and humble through the highs and the lows of competition and to celebrate another’s accomplishments. For our older children who are in their twenties, the sport of speech has shaped them to be confident adults, comfortable with who they are, able to approach anyone and are recognized as natural leaders in their professions. They have both said that Speech has been the one key thing that has helped them the most in real world situations and their careers.


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